Select your companion

Choose your starter pokemon from each generation, from Generation Kanto all the way to Generation Galar!

Catching new friends

When typing, at any moment a new pokemon could appear for you to catch! If you know its name, use the command .catch followed by its name to catch it, if you guess its name correctly, of course.


Every 10 minutes you can use the .hunt command to find pokemon. This is a good way to find pokemon if you arent too familiar with their names. You can choose to either keep them or release them!


Complete quests to get rewards in credits! The command to view quests is .quests.


Do you want a certain pokemon, but dont have the luck to hunt it? Use the .market command to see if anyone has listed it! Do you want to sell this one pokemon that just doesnt cut it in your inventory? Use the .market list command to list the pokemon to be sold!


If you want to sell your pokemon but don't want to limit it's price & want people have a outbidding competition over it, you should definitively head over to the auction!.


Does another player have something you want and you have something they want? Then you can trade it! You can trade pokemon, credits and or even redeem keys using the trade command!


Are you a server owner and dont want random pokemon interrupting people talking in the general chat? Then you can edit the spawn channel with the settings command!